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Are you ready to get your students engaged?

Are you ready to see improvements in your student's retention?

Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level?

Dr. Yaz Method™

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Dr. Yaz Method™

Dr. Yaz Method™ is here to help you achieve those goals. More than 1000+ students and educators are thriving in effective adult learning environments using Dr. Yaz Method™


...Learn the questions to ask yourself to overcome your limiting beliefs on teaching and learning


...Learn teaching techniques (explained for those who don’t have teaching degrees)


...Learn methods that will get your students engaged, eager to learn, and retain your content


Dr. Yaz Method™ will help you:

Boost learner engagement

Develop learner self-regulation

Enhance learner retention

Improve End-of-Course Survey scores

Promote the learning environment

Students in Cafeteria

Learn the 4 Tactics of Dr. Yaz Method™ and how the new research based teaching and learning theory Formative Andragogy creates effective adult learning environments.

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What you will get:

Knowledge of formative andragogy​


Indirectly assess student learning outcomes​ (SLO’s)


Demonstrate to peers how to create an effective tertiary learning environment​


Certified in the Dr. Yaz Method ™ ​


Become a member of the Dr. Yaz Method™ Formative Andragogy Network (DYM F.A.N.)​

Receive 1yr access to teaching and learning tips, coaching and guidance, additional training, and much more.

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Yes, I want to identify my and my students learning preferences!

Yes, I want to propel my teaching and learning knowledge to the next level

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