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Tired of not achieving effective adult learning?

...And ready to create the most engaging learning environment?

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Do you teach at a university or college? Coach adult clients? Train professionals? Or lead a team of employees?


Isn’t it time to stop struggling and ACHIEVE your ideal learning and work environment? To help your students academically, professionally, and personally? To have practical use of knowledge?

To make an IMPACT?

Truly effective and engaging learning environments are those that include an understanding of adult teaching and learning preferences.


Ineffective adult learning environments include:

  • Boring activities...or no activities at all

  • Lack of purpose for learning

  • Unrelatable content

  • One-size fits all teaching approach

Are You Ready To Open Your Mind To Learning

Dr. Yaz will show you how to transform the way you learn and teach!

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Exercise Your Mind by Opening Up to Learning

Join Dr. Yaz Live


In this webinar, attendees will learn some of the key methods for effective adult learning environments. Attendees will identify their teaching and learning preferences through research-based surveys. Results and discussion with the presenter, Dr. Yaz, will reveal preferences for personal teaching/learning styles and preferences between pedagogy and andragogy. Take-aways include adaptable activities to use while teaching to effectively engage learners and an understanding of how to implement survey results in the learning environment. Attendees will also receive tips on how to continue “working-out” their brains.


Register now if you want to:

  • Acquire tips on how to keep your adult students engaged to make learning longer can your students say “It’s too hard” or “This is boring” or “How does this apply to me”

  • Learn how to measure progress towards learning goals and objectives through formative andragogy...quick indirect assessments that don’t require too much time to create

  • Determine your preferences for teaching and learning styles to help structure your lesson plans...go in prepared to teach no matter the subject

Learn some of the key methods for effective adult learning environments. 

Don’t Miss Out

Pre-enroll into Dr. Yaz Method™ Workshop and be one of the first to get these amazing benefits:

  • Lock in your price to ensure your spot in Dr. Yaz Method™ Workshop

  • Build your teaching arsenal with engaging and relatable activities for your adult learners

  • Identify teaching and learning preferences for adult learners

  • Transform your mindset on adult education

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Worth of Bonuses for Attending Free Webinar. 

Leave with the tools you need to improve your teaching and learning immediately. 


Jacinda Gayfield, College Student

As a first year college student​ Dr. Yaz helped me through my 1st and 2nd semester breaking things down​ to where I could actually understand the questions and the assignments, and I appreciate that, and with her assistance I passed both of those semesters.


Myung-Hi Cha, Service Manager Trainee

We were the "lucky" last group of newly hired teachers​ to be trained by her. Dr. Yaz's personality, enthusiasm, passion and positive energy​ is what makes her class unique, but what impressed me the most was how she delivered her classes and connected with us​. To this day, I bring the energy and enthusiasm​ to all my classes that I have received from her that week.


Cameron Smith, Foreign Teacher Trainer

Dr. Yaz was a valuable instrument of my professional growth​ as much of what we covered together has continued to inform my current teaching methods​. I found all of her direct instruction to me, as well as her group presentations to be well organized and well thought-out​ as well as immediately relevant and applicable​ to the classroom.

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